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Youtube Channel


We would not be who we are today without the amazing Tarantula Youtube Channels. This is why this series of cards exist; to celebrate how awesome they are. We are working with lots of your favourite presenters to create our first series of shiny holo cards. The process is simple - we ask the Youtuber to choose a species to feature, this can be one of their favourites or one that has some meaning to them. So far we have worked with the following Channels - go check them out - subscribe to keep up to date and show them some love by grabbing some of their merch. 

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TarantulaDan is one of the OG Tarantula Youtubers - Based in the UK, Dan can often be found manning a station at the different Invert Trade Shows in Britain. His friendly approach to presenting makes for an enjoyable watch. 

TarantulaDan Logo




TarantulaKat is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, not to mention a fantastic presenter.

 Based in the US, Kat covers lots of different areas in relation to the Tarantula keeping hobby, from feeding and rehousing, to reactions and more.




The Tarantula collective

Richard Stewart is the Tarantula Collectives enigmatic presenter. He wows us with smooth and polished videos that push the boundaries of professional Tarantula husbandry videos to the next level. He also produces a top class Podcast for your enjoyment.





Young Princess Sophie Pink is an inspiration to all keepers. She is a special kind of young lady with a serious love for Tarantulas and exotic pets. Her collection rivals most peoples. She is amazing and that is why she is a Youtube Channel Hero!

As seen on national TV.




The Dark Den

Petko of the Dark Den needs no introduction, his videos range from educational all the way to hilarious and beyond. 

Along with his epic collection of Tarantulas, he also has other exotic pets that share the den. He regularly releases new content and his fan base is truly global. He is one of our favourites and one of the heroes of Youtube.



croatian flag.JPG

EErie Arachnids




David Andrzjewski is the man behind the awesome Eerie Arachnid Youtube channel and also one of the main men of the facebook group, The Tarantula Community. If one of his many informative videos doesn't cover what you need to know, you can guarantee that either himself or a member of his brilliant admin team are always at hand to give solid advice to newbies and experts alike.  

Tom's Big Spiders

If you know your Keeper Card history, you already know what Tom, his family and his channel mean to us. We knew this card was coming, but as he is featured in the Starter Pack too, we knew we had to wait just a little bit.

For those that don't know, Tom is one of the most informative Keepers out there and has inspired hundreds of thousands of us to keep our Tarantulas in the strive not survive category. His husbandry techniques are critical for beginners to learn from. 





This legendary Welsh man has us in stitches on a regular basis. Don't let this stop you from appreciating the incredible footage Gar Rees captures of not only his captive specimens, but of Inverts in the wild too. 

He is an advocate for the protection of wild native species from all countries and we wear our Legal and Sustainable wristband with pride! Make sure to check out his amazing channel below. 



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