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Toms Big Spiders


The Dark Den

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Tarantula Dan


"Fantastic! I'm absolutely floored, lets just say; I'm incredibly impressed with the case, the quality of the cards, they are just amazing."

"Overall really cool, don't think you can get anything similar like that, make sure to check it out, I like to promote stuff I think is cool"

"I think its a really good idea, whether you're a child or more experienced keeper.

Lots of information on a tiny card."




The Spiderman


Princess Sophie Pink

"I think these are going to be really useful to people just getting into the hobby or someone that wants to quickly check on husbandry.  Even if you know all the information, its still awesome just to have in your hand."

"Absolutely Fantastic, Very well presented, they look fantastic"

"These are really cool, and I want everyone to get confident with these animals. I really love these and believe everyone of all ages will love them too"

Marks Tarantulas


Deadly Tarantula






 "With the help of the husbandry master himself, Tom Moran, you know the information on these cards will be spot on."

Marita aka Deadly Tarantula Girl gets her set of cards and gives viewers a glimpse of what they can expect from the new expansion.

"Keeper Cards are genius, I grew up on "Top Trumps" and spiders so I was instantly on-board. Well made and presented - quality item!"

Tarantula Haven

Tarantula Haven
The Tarantula Collective


Tarantula Collective

Tyler Rugge

Tyler Rugge

"If you are a collector of cards, these are really cool. One of the best aspects is people get into the cards and really enjoy them."

Tyler's hair matches our website theme, Awesome!! But seriously, go check out his video feeding the tarantula species he has from the cards. 

Richard is our third Youtube Channel Hero and this is the first time his face has been on a trading card. The beard is a win dude!

Heading 2

Love Tarantulas Andrew Smith Review


Love Tarantula's Andrew Smith gives the lowdown about some of the new species featured in the Big, The Bad and The Bold expansion. 

See even more great comments from our supporters below.

Jennifer's Tarantulas

Jennifer's Tarantulas

JoJo ExoCavern

"These are a god send. You can't always find accurate information and it can all become a little confusing. So now with these cards I know what I'm doing. These are fricken awesome! So I highly recommend anyone getting these."

Jojo Exocavern

"I Love these, they are perfect for people just starting the hobby of have been in the hobby since forever. I think for every person who has an interest in Tarantulas, whether you're a keeper or not, these are an essential item."

Alternative Inverts

"Go out and buy them, especially if you're a beginner, it will give you advice on everything that you need to know to start keeping. Really cool good species for the starter pack."

Madames Menagerie

"These are 100% high quality cards! They are extremely informative with an impeccable attention to detail. They are a "must have" for all Tarantula loves and collectors! Whether you are new to the hobby or an experienced keeper, your collection will not be complete without them! I absolutely love everything about them and think they are just so freakin cool!

Alternative Inverts
Madames Menagerie

Michigan Arachnids

"Keeper Cards are the greatest thing to hit the Tarantula Hobby since the Gooty Ornamental!!!

Great pics packed with reliable information!! A must have for beginner to breeder. Highly collectable!!"

Michigan Arachnids

BugBox UK

"The Keeper Cards are absolutely fantastic, brilliant quality and amazing images. It's a fantastic way to bring the hobby together or to introduce spiders etc to people who may want to get to know them more. Highly recommend."

Bug Box UK

Invert Kingdom UK

"Everybody needs Keeper Cards! The look awesome and are packed full of information too! No keeper should be without them!

Invert Kingdom UK

Rock Mountain Spider Freaks

"Keeper Cards are the new Essential to the Tarantula Keeping Hobbyist! These cards are quickly becoming the go-to information source for Tarantulas. We always have our Keeper Cards on hand and bring them to all the educational events we hold for quick reference. We absolutely love Keeper Cards and we are sure you will love them too! Thank you for creating the perfect tarantula information tool!"

Rocky Mountain Spider Freaks

Mostly Tanks

"Great quality and even better content, truly a product that'll leave you wanting to collect them all!"

Mostly Tanks


"Very informative collectable cards made by keepers for keepers! I really appreciate all the effort and attention to detail that went through the whole pack, from the cards to the container and to the bag! The only downside I can think of is there aren't not more. I'm really looking forward to the future packs!"


KT Tarantulas

"We think everybody needs to own Keeper Cards! They have everything you need to know about a species to get you started! I can't wait to see what the expansions hold for the hobby!"


Lees Creature Features

Lees Creature Features

"BRILLIANT AND ORIGINAL. I absolutely love these cards they are great for both new and experienced keepers of all ages! And I can't wait to add more to my collection."

Pet Rock n Roll

Coming Soon

Pet Rock N Roll

Jareds Tarantulas

"Keeper Cards are amazing!! You can tell how much work has been put into them from the overall quality of the cards to the clarity of the photos! The info is extremely accurate and I use it to quick reference certain species!"

Jareds Tarantulas

Basement Pets

"These cards are really nice looking, all sorts of different facts and all sorts of different information. If you've been thinking about getting these cards, then definitely do it."

Basement Pets

Stone Circle Tarantulas

Stone Circle Projects

"Whether you're a new keeper or have been in the hobby for years, Keeper Cards are a must have. The artwork is stunning, the species info is spot on and the quality is fantastic. I love these!"


"Beautifully made and educational, easy the best companion for any keeper, beginnings and experts alike,"

Da Keep

Brody B's Bugs

"Such a good idea, really interesting, when I first started to get back into the hobby, I struggled to find the information. so I think this is brillaint, all of the Tarantula shops should support this and sell these."

Brody B's Bugs

The Tarantula Life

"Heck Yeah! This is Cool! Very Excited, Very Happy, Awesome!"

The Tarantula Life

Dapper Exotics

"I love the cards. It's fun collecting matches and it's helpful for remembering species specific care when you you have many Ts"

Dapper Exotics
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