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The Spider Man - Harpactira Pulchripes
  • The Spider Man - Harpactira Pulchripes


    We're over the moon to be collaborating with this famous YouTuber, who has chosen a unique and interesting tarantula species for his collection.


    The Spider Man has been a long staple of genuine wholesome Tarantula and Invert content for many years and we appreciate him as one of a few that has helped inspire generations of new keepers and youtubers for that matter. 



    Keeper Cards - Youtube Channel Heroes Promo Pack 11


    Whats in the pack?


    1 x Holo Harpactira Pulchripes species card

    1 x The Spiderman Youtube Heroes Card


    This promo pack features our eleventh holographic shiny card with a species and photos chosen by the all round awesome guy Alex from Tarantula Haven. 



    Order now.


    Worldwide Shipping available. 




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