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Mark's Tarantulas - Pamphobeteus Sp Arana Polito
  • Mark's Tarantulas - Pamphobeteus Sp Arana Polito


    Exciting news! We're releasing a new card featuring Mark's Tarantulas YouTube channel.

    Even though Mark is on hiatus, his channel is still a great resource for anyone interested in these amazing arachnids. Check out the new card for exclusive access to Mark's tips and tricks.

    Get your hands on the new card today and discover the world of tarantulas with Mark!


    Keeper Cards - Youtube Channel Heroes Promo Pack 9


    Whats in the pack?


    1 x Holo Pamphobeteus Sp Arana Polito card

    1 x Mark's Tarantulas Youtube Heroes Card


    This promo pack features our ninth holographic shiny card with a species and photos chosen by the legend and winner of fatal fangs 3 Mark from Mark's Tarantulas. 



    Order now.


    Worldwide Shipping available. 




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