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    Meet Beautiful Bitey and Bolty, affectionately known as Bx3, our latest Kickstarter Pledger's Choice inductees. Their captivating tarantula journey, documented on their YouTube channel and other social media platforms, is a must-see. They've chosen the striking Blue Foot Baboon Tarantula (Idiothele Mira) as their featured arachnid, making them keepers worth exploring!


    Check out 3x B youtube channel here:



    Kickstarter Pledgers Choice - KPC-012 - 3xB Beautiful Bolty and Bitey - Idiothele Mira 


    We offered the chance for special Kickstarter Pledgers to create their own holo card. This is the product of that collaboration. We are super proud to get to showcase these incredible individuals and their stunning and unique pets.


    What do you get in a pack?


    1 x Holo Shiny Species Card

    1 x Kickstarter Pledgers Choice Card


    There are 13 to collect in total.

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