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Couchlocked Arachnophobia - Pterinochilus Murinus
  • Couchlocked Arachnophobia - Pterinochilus Murinus


    Craig, known for his contributions on the Couchlocked Arachnophobia YouTube channel, emerges as a fearless figure in the exotic invertebrate keeping community. Previously a member of the Tarantula Tuber Saturday Night Takeaway YouTube live stream, Craig distinguishes himself by demonstrating a remarkable lack of apprehension when handling various species of tarantulas.


    Though not actively producing content at the moment, Craig remains a pivotal member of the exotic invertebrate keeping hobby. 


    Beyond his expertise, Craig is recognized as an all-around top guy, establishing himself as a good friend to many within the community. His fearlessness and enduring commitment to the hobby make him a respected and valued presence in the world of exotic invert keeping.


    Keeper Cards - Youtube Channel Heroes Promo Pack 15 


    Whats in the pack?


    1 x Holo Pterinochilus Murinus species card

    1 x Couchlocked Arachnophobia Youtube Heroes Card


    Order now.


    Worldwide Shipping available. 



    Visit his channel here:


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