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Alternative Inverts - Phormingochilus Everetti
  • Alternative Inverts - Phormingochilus Everetti


    Kieran of Alternative Inverts, a former brilliant YouTube streamer, once captivated audiences with his engaging content and entertaining approach to tarantula keeping, entertaining thousands with his jokes and fun-loving style.


    Transitioning to a new chapter, Kieran has become a very talented tattoo artist, showcasing his diverse skills. In addition to his artistic endeavors, Kieran is also a talented musician, infusing his creativity into the world of music.


    As one of the hosts of Tarantula Tuber Saturday Night Takeaway, Kieran showcased his passion for tarantulas and generously shared his knowledge, always willing to help those seeking advice. Beyond his online presence, Kieran has made significant contributions to the tarantula hobby by breeding numerous rare species, bringing a multitude of amazing and lesser-known species into the spotlight within the community.


    Keeper Cards - Youtube Channel Heroes Promo Pack 12


    Whats in the pack?


    1 x Holo Phormingochilus Everetti species card

    1 x Alternative Inverts Youtube Heroes Card


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    Visit his channel here:




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