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Keeper Cards

The story so far...

The Campaign...

The beginning.....

Keeper Cards was founded as a solution to a problem. The problem being that Tarantula husbandry information was often scattered across different sources, resulting in me spending hours trying to find accurate and credible information I could use on a day to day basis.

Originally conceptualised as display cards for my own enclosures. When I shared my idea with others, it soon became clear this was product I could develop to help fellow Tarantula enthusiasts with their own husbandry needs. 

After pitching my idea to Tarantula Husbandry Master Tom Moran of Toms Big Spiders, I began product development of the Keeper Cards Tarantula Starter pack. I wanted to keep the design compact and the information concise whilst keeping true to the collectable elements found on other trading cards.

The Kickstarter project acted as a platform to the Tarantula community to show them the product. The response was truly overwhelming. In just 4 days we reached our goal. By the end of the 30 days we hit over 300% of our original funding objective.

This was the beginning of our business, where we have now shipped to over 20 countries including the United States, Japan, Canada, Russia, Philippines, Indonesia and many places across Europe.


The Future...

Development to expand the Keeper Card range has already started. This year will see the release of the Keeper Card Booster Pack, which will contain a random selection of brilliant new species and info cards to collect. Including holographic shiny cards and a selection of rarer species cards, each pack offers the Keeper a chance to obtain something truly special.

As well as continuing to grow the business through product development and our online presence, we will be making appearances at all the major Invertebrate shows across the United Kingdom. So you can meet us and see the product in person.  Details of the Invert shows we will be attending can be found on the home page. 

Our Ethos...

Keeper Cards is small business built on the foundation of a genuine love for tarantula keeping. Our mission has always been to rid away the negativity these beautiful creatures receive within the mainstream and promote responsible keeping that make your Tarantulas thrive, not just survive. We stand by our motto, Live, Learn and have fun. 

A special Thank You to Tom Moran, Dan Oakley, TarantulaKat, Marks Tatantulas, The Spiderman, Princess Sophie Pink and The Dark Den as well as the 230+ Kickstarter pledgers for all your support.

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